Mary Steeley Transitional Kindergarten 3
Bobbi Byrnes Kindergarten K1
Stacey Mahoney Kindergarten K2
Valerie Talley Kindergarten K3
Kerry Barger 1st 1
Donielle Machi 1st 2
Sarah Montano 1st 4
Katie Cortez 2nd 7
Cathie Corsaro 2nd 9
Jennifer Jow 2nd 10
Margaret Ball 3rd P21
Ashley Furlong 3rd P23
Luann Zeterberg 3rd P20
Julie Ashworth 4th 13
Eric Walker 4th  class website 11
Emily Matthews 4th 15
Marigrace Parker 5th class website 12
Barry Montgomery 5th  class website 16
Anna Macintire 5th  class website 14
Marianne Saporito TK - 5th grade Spanish 8
Jeni Martin 1st - 5th grade Science 18
Jenna Wilson K - 2nd SDC 5
Shabman Malik 3rd - 5th SDC 17
Ezgi Booth 7th & 8th Science and  6th - 8th STEM (Project Lead the Way) P2
Merry Farnady 6th - 8th Physical Education P10
Mary Fielding 6th Core & Theater Acting P14
Teresa Hallum 6th - 8th Math P12
Justin McPherson 7th & 8th Physical Education P9
Melanie Holsopple 8th Core P4
Meggin Hu 6th and 7th Math P3
  6th - 8th Spanish  
Jennifer Hayes 6th - 8th Spanish P3
Sue Lai 6th and 8th Science P1
Kate Malson 6th - 8th Visual Arts & Stage Production P8
Shannon Sullivan 7th Core P6
Katie Hamilton 6th Core & Leadership P9
Celine Yates 6th - 8th SDC P22
Art Gagnier 6th - 8th Music


Erin Swartz 1st - 5th Science


Tom Jones Orchestra


Mike Divita 6th - 8th Band Music