Help Kids Succeed in School

The routines you establish at

home have a big effect on how your children do in school.  The start of a new school year is the perfect time to set the "house rules" your kids will be expected to follow all year, from when they do homework to when they go to sleep at night.

make sure your child gets enough

sleep.  Students don't gain much from class when they can't keep their eyes open.  Enforce age-appropriate bedtimes and help your children manage their time so they don't have to stay up late to finish homework.

make sure your child eats a nutritious breakfast

A good breakfast will keep your child's stomach from growling in morning classes and may also help him/her maintain a healthy weight.  Insist that your child eat something before the first school bell rings.

create a homework routine

Set aside an area in the house for your child to work on homework assignments.  Discuss homework rules and establish a consistent routine, such as getting started on homework after eating an after-school snack.

help your child get organized.

Teach your child to use a folder system or homework planner to keep track of assignments.  Have your child pack their backpack and gather any other items they need to take to school the night before.

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