Student Programs

GATE Program

Students who are nominated will be tested for possible inclusion int eh GATE program.  Evaluation begins in the second grade but can be performed at any age thereafter.  The process starts with an intelligence test and may consider high achievement, both in state tests and classroom performance.  The evaluation includes academic, leadership, and creative abilities.  Consideration is also given to cultural factors that may impact test results.  GATE students at Joe Michell are challenged in the classroom at their level, and are eligible to participate in after school enrichment programs at Smith Elementary School.

homework club

This is an after school program for students who need homework support.  Joe Michell teachers and a bilingual aide meet 2 days per week for an hour with a small number of students.  Teachers recommend students, and the program is limited to space availability.

student leadership

Students in fourth and fifth grade are eligible to run for the three offices in Student Leadership:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Students in the third grade can run for representative positions.  Student leadership is responsible for supporting and promoting all school activities including yearbook and assemblies.  Meetings are held twice a month.